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From our professional life…                                        O nás (v češtině) Czech version

Martha made the continuation of the Czech Television series „Postřehy odjinud“ (Observations from elsewhere), this time from the islands – Rhodes, Karpathos and Crete. Tena opens her 13th chamber within the Czech Television cycle. Martha & Tena are preparing the fifth CD with Greek songs.

Martha & Tena got the Multiplatinum record for more than 30,000 CDs sold. LP and MC albums „The Most Beautiful Greek Songs„. They perform concerts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Supraphon record label released the second reedition of Martha’s album „Kresby tuší“ with 4 unreleased bonuses.

Martha celebrated her birthday at the festive premiere of documentary about „Zlatá lyra“ (notes: international music festival). In October Martha & Tena sang at the Gala Concert „Lyra 50 – Mám rozprávkový dom„.

Supraphon record label released the most comprehensive selection of Martha & Tena – 3CD „Golden Collection,“ which contains the 73 best Czech and Greek songs.

Czech Television broadcasts a 10-part series „Postřehy odjinud“ dedicated to Greece. Martha was a guide.

Tena translated the novel of Ch. Dimoulides, called „Deník úctihodné prostitutky“ (The Diary of a Venerable Prostitute). The title is completely disassembled.

The Publishing house Ikar published the autobiographical book „Martha a Tena dvojhlasně“ is based the two parts of which are a distinct expression of the view of the life of each of them.

Martha & Tena sang on their fourth Greek CD „V rytmu řeckého tance“ (Popron record label release).
Supraphon record label released a selection of their hits „Ať se múzy poperou… a dalších 23 hitů„.

Martha & Tena began to teach Greek dance.

Martha & Tena  together with Jannis Asarlidis (buzuki) and Thomas Petsinis (guitar) are setting up the Colchid group. In their repertoire was Greek folk songs and music influenced by the famous era of Rebetiko, the urban folk of the 1920s.

Martha & Tena in cooperation with B.M.G. record label released the third common CD with Greek songs, called „Řecké slunce„.
Supraphon record label published the best of CD „Řecké prázdniny a největší hity„.

Supraphon record label released reedition of Martha’s solo album „Kresby tuší„, first time on CD.

BMG released the second CD with the Greek repertoire „Děti z Pirea„. Martha & Tena maked videos for songs „Agapise me“, „Thalassino trifyli“ and „Kokino garifalo“ in Crete Island. You can watch them on our YouTube channel.

Panton record label releases another Martha & Tena’s selection CD „The Best Of (To nejlepší z let 1969-1982)„.

Martha & Tena and Mrs. Georgie Zervas founded the Filhelen Foundation, which is dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of Greek culture.
At the same time Martha &Tena returned to singing together and they released their first CD „The Most Beautiful Greek Songs“ (Multisonic record label). For Czech TV they made music film“Řecko ’92“. They presented some songs from the album.

Martha published the very successful cookbook „Řecká kuchyně Marthy Elefteriadu„.

1988 – 1989
Martha collaborated with Václav Zahradník, leader of Czechoslovak Television Orchestra.

Martha & Tena with the band of Juraj Čierný together released another common vinyl „…a desky dál stárnou“ for Czech and Slovak fans.

Martha released the solo album „Kresby tuší„, which becomed Award of the magazine „Melodie“ The pop album of the Year 1981.

Martha began to play a role in famous Semafor Theater, where she starred in „Smutek bláznivých panen“ and „Má hlava je včelín“.

In 1978 Martha & Tena performed in Oslo in Norway and in 1979 in Stockholm with the band of Juraj Čierný, Tena’s husband. Tena stayed in Scandinavia in the years to come, she sang the world repertoire with Exi Band and First Choice Band. Martha joined them in later years.

Record label „Panton“ releases very successful album „Řecké prázdniny“ (Greek Holidays). Martha &Tena with popular singer Bob Frídl together sang in concerts.

Martha & Tena released fourth LP „Ať se múzy poperou“ („Let Muses Fight On“) and won the bronze prize at Bratislava Lyre festival. They visited their native Greece and perfomed in Elli Evangelidu’s TV show „Synchroni Eva“. In Greece they got inspiration for their next album with famous greek songs.

Martha & Tena successful in Bratislava Lyre festival again. Their hit „Náměstí“ (A Square) got a silver prize. Martha & Tena again represent Czechoslovakia at a festival in Polish Sopot. They filmed music performance for TV in Sofia.

Martha & Tena released third vinyl „Modré království“ (The Blue Kingdom) with many hits. In Czech radios dominated big hit „Dirlada“. They performed at many concerts in Poland.

Martha & Tena represented the Czech Republic in international music festival in Polish Sopoty. They released another vinyl „Hrej dál“ („Play on“, czech version of „Hey Tonight“ ) and shot TV special in Bucurest, Romania. Their new hit „Albatros“ was awarded with silvery prize at song festival Děčínská kotva.

Martha & Tena was honored as the most selling artists by Panton record label. Their new EP album was called „Martha & Tena zpívají řecké písničky“ (Martha & Tena sing greek songs). They was invited to perform with european music stars in Swiss Saint Gallen.

Panton record label nominated Martha & Tena to the music festival Bratislava Lyre as young talents. They performed song „To všechno bolo včera“ (That all was yesterday) and got the silver prize in song contest. After big success in Bratislava Martha & Tena performed in German TV show „Hits a go go“. This year they recorded their first album „Dál než slunce vstává“ (czech version of „Midnight Special“ song). Album contains many of pop-rock-beat songs and czech version of the world hit El Condor Pasa.

Martha & Tena Elefteriadu 1970

End of the 60’s
In the end of 60’s Martha & Tena met young guitarist and composer Ales Sigmund. They started colaboration with Vukan group and popular sibling duo Hana and Petr Ulrych. After Ulrychs depart to Atlantis group became Martha and Tena main stars of Vulkan. In 1967 they enojoyed the 1st beat festival in Czechoslovakia. In 1968 Martha & Tena recorded first songs for Brno Radio and released first vinyl single.

Elefteriadu sisters came to the Czechoslovakia as little children with their parents in 1950. Family escaped from Greece because od civil war.